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The project investment platform is a Global Business Partnership space that lets you know about our investors’ partners who are willing to help you with your project in search of necessary funds. How to present a project to investors: step by step guide We have a wide range of products for you to choose from. Being well prepared to present a project to investors is almost as important as the quality of your idea. When the entrepreneur has compiled market information, studied feasibility, and has a business plan, it is time to seek financing! Financing is one of the most delicate aspects of creating a company.

Projects are not treated in the same way depending on their character and presentation, etc.; that is why we ask that your project respect the rules of the investor. • Before you start presenting your project, you must be clear about the objectives of your presentation and, based on that, design a strategy:

1. Submit the project in PDF format.

2. Your project must have a feasibility study and a financial plan.

If the project is accepted, the investor will require supporting documents, and then they will issue a letter of intent.

GBP is collaborating with several financial groups and investors. The financial groups are advised to verify, Authenticate, and Trade Documents.

For expert finance mandates, or banks looking to provide BANK DRAFTS, CREDIT LINE, and others We invite you to submit all proof of documents.

Looking for Financial Investors

We can connect you with the top financial loan providers in the world.

We help your business grow to make more than just money. GBP is collaborating with several financial groups together we act as a partner and advisors to sponsors of international projects to structure and underwrite financing. So far, we have been approached by several companies to seek funding from our partners.

We Verify, Authenticate, and Confirm All Trade Documents. If you are an expert finance mandate, or a bank looking to provide BANK DRAFTS, CREDIT LINE, etc. We invite you to submit all proof documents in the ahead company letter in PDF format. For more information, please read the” NEED YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION TO BE ACCEPTED”.

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