Investments & Finance
Investments & Finance

Need Investor or Finance Loan?

GBP is collaborating with several financial groups and investors. The financials groups are advised: Verify, Authenticate, and Trade Documents.

We can connect you with the top financial loan providers in the world.

We help your business grow to make more than just money. GBP is collaborating with several financial groups together we act as a partner and advisor to sponsors of international projects to structure and underwrite financing. So far, we have been approached by several companies to seek funding from our partners.

We Verify, Authenticate, and Confirm All Trade Documents. If you are an expert finance mandate, or a bank looking to provide BANK DRAFTS, CREDIT LINE, etc. We invite you to submit all proof documents in the ahead company letter in PDF format. For more information, please read the” NEED YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION TO BE ACCEPTED”.

How does a financial loan work?

Business loans work a lot like personal loans. You are borrowing money from a lender that you eventually must repay with interest and fees, as applicable. There are several important factors to consider when choosing the business loan that is right for you. They are loan amount, interest rates, terms, repayment structure, and fees. If you are still interested to get a loan.

What kind of Financial and Investment does GBP offer?

Global Business Partnership (GBP) offers various financing services through its Commercial Financial Partners through the letter of credit (L/C), standby letter (SBLC), and a bank guarantee (BG). Not all financial groups and investors have the same criteria; some require payments for administrative services, and interest percentages vary by project.

Acceptance Criteria. How can we find clients for you?

We welcome all economic groups, including banks interested in financing our partners’ investment projects. Due to the high number of frauds (scams), our management has decided to receive all the necessary documents proving your firm’s authenticity (genuine).
The request must be written in the letter of the company in advance in PDF format.
Provide a proof letter between your company and your bank representative.
Indicate in the letter your loan process and the maximum loan amount in advance.
Provide a copy of your income taxes to approve if you are a real business. Let us know if there is any previous payment. Explained the reason.